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Parents nowadays are more educated than before. They hold the capability to teach their kids the values and lessons taught at school. With this, the idea of educating children at home has also gained momentum. And, this is what homeschooling is all about, teaching kids at home rather than sending them to any education providers.

SOUTH INDIAN BOARD OF SCHOOLING (SIBOS) was been established in 1975 to be a medium for making education easy for students who are unable to attend regular classes and who can’t afford conventional schooling methodology. It is a joint venture of Akshith Kumar Enterprises Pvt. Ltd (Educational Company) & Agniprava Educational Foundation.

Yes, we will provide the marks sheet and transfer certificate at the end of the year, either directly or through our associated recognized schools. TC will be issued only at the end of the academic year on completion of one year and not in the middle of the academic year.

No, SIBOS, is a recognized personalized schooling platform, which provides schooling in regular and private mode. It also caters the need of students who have missed their education and facilitates through NIOS and other open schooling curriculums. SIBOS provides home schooling to serve the needs of parents who are willing to give special coaching with international curriculum standards, at an affordable cost for Indian families. It also separate educational curriculum for special kids.

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